Kamala Harris slammed after she tweets “Enjoy the long weekend” without even mentioning Memorial Day

Vice President Harris faced a backlash on Twitter after she tweeted “Enjoy the long weekend” Saturday with no reference whatsoever to “Memorial Day” or “Memorial Day Weekend.”

Kimberly Klacik responded “Long weekend? I know many are upset & saying this is disrespectful, but I believe you are really just stupid.”

Another Twitter user replied “It is Memorial Day weekend. This weekend is our time as a nation to honor our Fallen. It is our dedicated time to reflect on our war fighters, those who paid the ultimate price for our Freedom.”

“This isn’t a “long weekend.” It’s a weekend where we honor the fallen.”

“Disgusting and disrespectful”

“This weekend is to memorialize those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. I thank them first and foremost.”

“seems more appropriate”

Meanwhile actress Rosanna Arquette had no problem with Harris’ tweet.