Kamala Harris Releases Never Before Seen Video of Her Reaction to Trump’s 2016 Victory

Kamala Harris released a never before seen video on Twitter of her own reaction to President Trump’s 2016 victory.

Per FoxNews, Harris gathered with supporters and told the story of her godson crying at the prospect of Trump defeating Hillary Clinton to win the White House. She then used an expletive to highlight how dire she felt America’s situation became after Trump’s win.

“So we just had a small family dinner. And many of you have met my… godson, Alexander,” she began. “So Alexander came up to me about twenty minutes ago, and he was teary. And… I said come here, little man. What’s going on? And he looked up at me, I swear to God, he looked up at me and he said, ‘I don’t want Trump to win. Did he win?’ And he’s crying.”


The reaction was mixed.

One Democrat urged Harris “Don’t mute the cussing.

This is RAW… What went down real time.”

Another supporter wrote “I’m starting to feel like I’m all the way in with her… she’s might have Barack or Hillary-level potential. Am I wrong?”

Kamala’s video also resulted in many Trump supporters responding who were not nearly as positive.

Kevin P wrote “Wait for it… it’s Trump in 2020 too!!!”


Kman wrote “You’re such a Drama Queen, “Dude gotta go”, well its time now for you to go Madam Senator !”

@BlackNews4Real wrote “I’m very happy to have a non-career politician like Trump for president! He is doing good for all Americans and American legal Immigrants”


This article first appeared on TheConservativeOpinion.com 

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