Kamala Harris Reacts to Bernie Dropping Out, Asked if She’d Like to Be Biden’s Running Mate

Appearing on “The View” former 2020 candidate Kamala Harris reacted to Bernie dropping out and answered if she’d like to be Biden’s running mate.

Per Decider, the California senator did a good job of keeping her face neutral as she praised Sanders’ 2020 run. “Bernie is really an extraordinary leader,” Harris told The View‘s co-hosts. “One of the things that Bernie brought to not only the race, but the national dialogue and discourse was this point about everyone having access to healthcare. And affordable healthcare, and universal healthcare, and healthcare for all.”

“Bernie really pushed that conversation so that it became — it actually consumed the majority of conversations that were happening on the debate stage,” she continued. “Bernie has the ability to think beyond what is and see what can be, and I admire him for that.”

While she may have endorsed Joe Biden, Harris insisted that Sanders will help the Democratic party remove Trump from office come November. “I think that Bernie combined with Joe Biden and all of the others who have run are committed, and will be committed, to unifying the party and the country,” she said, thanking him again for his “voice and [his] leadership and for everything [he] brought to the public discourse.”


This article first appeared on TheConservativeOpinion.com 

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