Kamala Harris Cancels Appearance at Benedict College After Trump Receives Award

UPDATE: Harris has flip flopped on her original decision to boycott and WILL Attend.

Per Fox News, in a bizarre back-and-forth on her attendance, Kamala Harris said Saturday she would, in fact, go to a criminal justice forum in South Carolina, despite very publicly announcing she would boycott the event due to a sponsoring group’s decision to give an award to President Trump.

The 2020 presidential hopeful on Friday announced that she would skip the 2019 Second Step Presidential Justice Forum at Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina, after the 20/20 Bipartisan Justice Center awarded the president for his efforts to pass sweeping criminal justice reform legislation.

Harris, D-Calif., and Trump traded barbs on Twitter Saturday morning—with Trump calling Harris a “badly failing presidential candidate,” and Harris suggesting the president is a “criminal.”

Friday, President Trump received a Bipartisan Justice Award in South Carolina by a group founded by 20 black Democrats and 20 black Republicans.

Kamala Harris has now backed out of the Presidential forum event she was scheduled to appear in.

Weston Loyd tweeted:

@WhiteHouse Opportunity & Revitalization Council Executive Director Scott Turner announces on @foxandfriends that @POTUS @realDonaldTrump will receive the Bipartisan Justice Award today at the 2019 Second Step Presidential Justice Forum at Benedict College in Columbia, SC.

Yahoo reports Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris has announced she will skip a planned appearance at South Carolina’s Benedict College after the school honored President Donald Trump for his criminal justice efforts.

Trump on Friday delivered the keynote address at the Second Step Presidential Justice Forum, hosted at the historically Black college. During the forum, he also received the Bipartisan Justice Award for his efforts to pass the First Step Act on federal prison reform.

Harris was scheduled to attend the second day of the forum but said Friday she had canceled. The senator from California pointed to Trump’s inclusion at the forum as well as the fact that the White House invited just 10 students from Benedict College to attend his keynote speech.

“As the only candidate who attended an HBCU, I know the importance that these spaces hold for young Black Americans,” Harris said in a statement.

“Today, when it became clear Donald Trump would receive an award after decades of celebrating mass incarceration, pushing the death penalty for innocent Black Americans, rolling back police accountability measures and racist behavior that puts people’s lives at risk, and then learned all but ten Benedict students are excluded from participating, I cannot in good faith be complicit in papering over his record.”

During her presidential campaign, Harris’s own record on criminal justice has come under scrutiny. In her nearly three decades as a prosecutor, Harris enforced laws in California that have disproportionately targeted Black men.

The issue came up during the Democratic primary debate in September.

“You used to oppose the legalization of marijuana; now you don’t. You used to oppose outside investigations of police shootings; now you don’t,” ABC News correspondent Linsey Davis said of the former state attorney general. “You’ve said that you changed on these and other things because ‘you were swimming against the current and, thankfully, the currents have changed.’ But when you had the power, why didn’t you try to effect change then?”

The senator responded by saying there have been “many distortions” of her record and then spoke of her achievements.

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DailyCaller reports President Donald Trump will receive the 2019 “Bipartisan Justice Award” from a bipartisan organization of black leaders because of his work on criminal justice reform, the White House announced Friday.

The award will be presented at Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina by the 20/20 Bipartisan Justice Center, a group founded by twenty black Republicans and twenty black Democrats in 2015.

According to a press release from the White House:

“The Bipartisan Justice Award is the highest honor given annually to a public servant who has demonstrated the ability to work across the aisle to achieve meaningful progress in reforming our criminal justice system. The 2019 Bipartisan Justice award winner is President Donald J. Trump for his Bipartisan leadership in the passage of the historic First Step Act. The award is being given by the 20/20 Bipartisan Justice Center, a non-profit organization founded by 20 Black Republicans and 20 Black Democrats in 2015, to elevate the issue of criminal justice reform above partisan politics.”

The award ceremony will reportedly take place during the 2019 Second Step Presidential Justice Forum, at which multiple Democratic presidential candidates are scheduled to appear to discuss their plans to tackle criminal justice reform.

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