Kamala Harris asked why U.S. should follow California’s lead on energy policy amid blackouts

In a series of tweets, Best-selling author and nuclear power advocate Mike Shellenberger asks Kamala Harris why the rest of the Country should follow California’s lead considering the problems California is having.

Shellenberger responded to Kamala Harris tweeting “As @JoeBiden always points out, this election is about more than politics. It’s about who we are as a country. It’s about the soul of our nation. Together we’ll create millions of jobs, fight the climate crisis, pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, and more.”

He wrote “Hi @KamalaHarris – Berkeley, Calif. resident here

We are in 3rd night of blackouts b/c of our over-reliance on unreliable renewables & the closure of nat gas & nuclear plants

Genuine question: why should the rest of the U.S. follow our lead?

Shellenberger continues:

You say “we’ll create millions of jobs” But won’t most of those good jobs in renewables be manufacturing solar panels in China? Won’t the US jobs mostly be the same low-skill and low-wage installation & weatherization jobs California created?

Also, California’s climate agenda resulted in power prices rising 6x more than in rest of US

Don’t economists on the Left and Right broadly agree that making energy more expensive is highly regressive — even more so than making food expensive?
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– is imposing black-outs for a 2nd time in a year

– saw electric prices rise 6x more than rest of US, 2011 – 2019

– is shutting down last nuclear plant which creates cheap, clean, reliable power to 3M people

– is the model Democrats want to impose on the rest of US