Kamala Campaign Tweets Childhood Photo of Harris, Calls Her “Our Next President”

Kamala Harris’ campaign may have just made the same embarrassing blunder Hillary Clinton did in 2016.

Harris’ campaign Twitter account tweeted a childhood photo of the Presidential candidate and wrote “Our next president #HappyBirthdayKamala.

Several social media users pointed out this appears to be a repeat of the gaffe Hillary Clinton is still regularly mocked for.

One Oct 26th 2016, Hillary Clinton tweeted a childhood photo of herself along with the message “Happy birthday to this future president.”

Jessica Fletcher responded to Kamala “Yeah cause this worked out so well last time.”

Another Twitter user replied “why set yourself up to get dunked on like this?”

As I recall the exact same tweet worked out so well for @HillaryClinton

Harris has been struggling in polling and is no longer considered a “top tier” candidate by most analysts.

The current RCP polling average hasHarris at only 5.4%, behind Biden, Warren, Sanders and even Buttigieg.

This article was written by the staff of TheConservativeOpinion.com 

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