Kamala blasted after referring to “a Harris administration with Joe Biden”

Was it a freudian slip?

Biden running mate Kamala Harris caused a stir by referring to “a HARRIS administration together with Joe Biden.”

Harris appears to realize her mistake and try to fix it later, by referring to a “Biden Harris administration” but the damage was already done, at least in the world of social media.

One Twitter user replied “She said that even while reading the teleprompter. She can almost taste the power.”


The Trump War Room Twitter account wrote “Kamala Harris lets the truth slip.”

Another wrote “It’s amazing shes so open about it. We dont need a Harris administration”

During Sunday’s while Trump was blasting Biden on fracking, he suggested Harris controls him.

Trump said of Biden “He was told to say that by Bernie and the radical left and his Vice President, by the way, how bad is she?” Trump asked as the crowd booed, “She’s the worst,” he added.