Kaepernick Wears “Kunta Kinte” Shirt to Workout, an Enslaved Character from “Roots”

Colin Kaepernick attended his private workout with a shirt that says “Kunta Kinte.”

“Kunta Kinte” is a character from the novel and TV series “Roots” who was enslaved by Americans.

Per Wikipedia, According to Roots, Kunta Kinte was born circa 1750 in the Mandinka village of Juffure, in the Gambia. He was raised in a Muslim family. One day in 1767, while Kunta was searching for wood to make a drum for his younger brother, four men chased him, surrounded him, and took him captive. Kunta awoke to find himself blindfolded, gagged, bound, and a prisoner. He and others were put on the slave ship the Lord Ligonier for a four-month Middle Passage voyage to North America.

Colin Kaeperinick’s net worth is estimated to be $20 million according to CelebrityNetWorth.

Kaepernick’s help had shirts reading “I know my rights” and “#IMWITHKAP.”


Kunta Kinte was portrayed by Levar Burton in the TV miniseries version of “Roots.”

Colin Kaepernick’s workout is being live streamed.

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