Kaepernick Releases “Hype Reel” of Himself But is Reportedly Being Ignored by NFL Teams

Monday, controversial quarterback and activist Colin Kaepernick released a hype reel of himself at his most recent highly publicized workout.

Speculation is growing that Colin Kaepernick may not play in the NFL this season, or possibly even ever again as new reports indicate no teams have shown interest.

However, per CBSNews, after Colin Kaepernick’s¬†workout on Nov. 16, his camp didn’t sound too optimistic about the possibility of the quarterback landing an¬†NFL¬†job, and it seems their instincts were right — at least so far — because apparently, Kaepernick hasn’t been contacted by anyone in the eight days since his workout session in Atlanta.

According¬†to ESPN.com, Kaepernick has basically been ignored by¬†NFL teams, who haven’t called to invite him in for either a visit or a private workout. The fact that Kaepernick hasn’t signed with anyone isn’t a huge shock, and that’s because an NFL executive¬†told NFL..com last week that the belief around the league¬†was that most teams were going to the workout to check out Kaepernick with an eye on signing him in 2020, if they were going to sign him at all. However, it is somewhat surprising that Kaepernick hasn’t received a single phone call from any of the 32 teams.

During¬†Kaepernick’s workout in Atlanta, there were a total of seven teams in attendance, and for the 25 that didn’t attend, Kaepernick’s camp made sure to send each team a video of the workout. Even after sending out the video, the quarterback still didn’t hear back from a single team, which probably isn’t that surprising to his agent, Jeff Nalley, who pretty much expected his client to go unsigned.

“I hope so,¬†but I don’t know,” Nalley said when asked on Nov. 16 about Kaepernick possibly getting signed. “I’ll be honest, I’m a little bit pessimistic because I’ve talked to all 32 teams. I’ve reached out to them recently, and none of them have had any interest. I’ll tell you this: No team asked for this workout. The league office asked for this workout.”

Although the NFL originally planned the entire workout for Kaepernick, the quarterback cut ties with the league and held his own event after the two sides couldn’t agree on multiple issues, including the wording in his workout waiver and whether or not media would be allowed to attend the event.¬† After Kaepernick went rogue, multiple teams decided not to attend the event.

A total of 25 teams were expected to have a representative at the workout, but after Kaepernick’s team switched the location, 18 of them backed out. As CBS Sports NFL Insider¬†Jason La Canfora first reported, the seven teams that stayed to watch the workout were the¬†Eagles,¬†Chiefs,¬†Redskins,¬†Jets,¬†Titans,¬†49ers¬†and¬†Lions.

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