Kaepernick Calls U.S. Soleimani Strike a “Terrorist Attack” Against “Black and Brown People”

Former NFL QB and political activist Colin Kaepernick spoke out against the U.S. strike on Iran that killed general Soleimani.

Kaepernick blasted the attack he characterized as a “terrorist attacks” and suggested a racist motivation behind the attack on “Black and Brown People.”

Colin Kaepernick:

There is nothing new about American terrorist attacks against Black and Brown people for the expansion of American imperialism.

America has always sanctioned and besieged Black and Brown bodies both at home and abroad. America militarism is the weapon wielded by American imperialism, to enforce its policing and plundering of the non white world.

Twitter users blasted Kaepernick for what is clearly an oversimplification of a very complex scenario.

One Twitter user replied:

We killed 5 Iranians the other day. Iran killed 1,500 Iranians two weeks ago.

Another Twitter user wrote:

I’m a big fan, but please don’t compare Soleimani to the people abused by our government. This man brutalized and caused the deaths of thousands of people in Iraq and Syria. It would be insulting to the victims of police brutality over here to equate them with this war criminal.

Soleimani and his terrorist unit known as the Quds Force killed over 1,500 unarmed Iranian freedom demonstrators in the past few months so maybe you should find a way to condemn this terrorist while you’re calling out the US leadership and military.

This is so ahistorical and illiterate I don’t even know where to begin. Please, read a book on American history. It’s more complicated, complex, and inspiring than “oppressor vs oppressed” that critical race theorists and cultural marxist present.

This article first appeared on TheConservativeOpinion.com 

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