Julian Castro Calls for Relief Packages to include Help for Illegals

Echoing many other progressive Democrats including AOC, former 2020 Presidential candidate Julian Castro is calling for subsequent relief packages to include illegals.

Last week, progressive lawmaker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted:

If you don’t believe undocumented workers should have access to relief during , does that mean you’re willing return the billions they pay in taxes each year? Will you defund your schools? Or, in this moment, will we recognize that we should just take care of each other?

DailyCaller reports former 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro said that those living unlawfully in the United States should be included in coronavirus relief packages doled out by the government.

Castro gave an interview to the Daily Kos divulging his thoughts on the recent coronavirus pandemic and how the United States should handle the crisis. Much like his time on the presidential campaign trail, Castro staked out progressive positions on the intersection of illegal immigration and role of American government.

“They should be included in these relief packages. They should be able to access public health, access education, access housing opportunity during this crisis — and beyond,” Castro said, speaking about illegal aliens and mixed-status families.

He continued: “I mean, during the campaign, several of us argued that it makes sense for this country to ensure that every person, no matter who you are, gets good health care, gets good housing opportunities, gets good educational opportunities. It will make us stronger as a country.”

In response to the economic toll sparked by the coronavirus pandemic, President Donald Trump signed the CARES Act in late March, making $2.2 trillion in stimulus funds available for families and businesses hurting under lockdown orders. The relief package not only provides up to $10 million in forgivable loans for each small business, but also $1,200 to most Americans who make $75,000 or less a year.

However, those living in the country unlawfully are ineligible for the funds. Castro’s comments are not an entirely new concept from the Democratic Party.
Fifty House Democrats sponsored a bill that, if signed into law, would allow illegal aliens to obtain the funds allocated from the CARES Act. Democratic cities across the country — and also California — have created their own taxpayer-funded programs to assist illegal aliens hurting from the recent economic downturn.

“I’m confident that more Americans have seen the value of that idea during this crisis,” Castro continued in his interview.