Judge tosses former Dem lawmaker Katie Hill’s lawsuit against the DailyMail

Los Angeles Judge Judge Yolanda Orozco has sided with DailyMail and tossed former Democrat lawmaker’s lawsuit against them over her nude photos.

Hill had claimed the photos were “non-consensual porn” and argued the publication didn’t have a right to “sexually degrade and expose public officials.”

Orozco wrote in the decision “here, the intimate images published by (the Daily Mail) spoke to (Hill’s) character and qualifications for her position, as they allegedly depicted (Hill) with a campaign staffer whom she was alleged to have had a sexual affair with and appeared to show (Hill) using a then-illegal drug and displaying a tattoo that was controversial because it resembled a white supremacy symbol that had become an issue during her congressional campaign,”

Katie Hill reacted by tweeting “I sued the Daily Mail for their publication of my nonconsensual nude images. Today, we lost in court because a judge – not a jury – thinks revenge porn is free speech. This fight has massive implications for any woman who ever wants to run for office, so quitting isn’t an option.”