Judge Refuses CNN’s Motion to Dismiss Dershowitz Defamation Lawsuit

According to a new report from Newsmax “legal scholar Alan Dershowitz’s defamation lawsuit against CNN over its coverage of former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial can continue after a judge refused the network’s motion to dismiss.”

“Dershowitz alleged CNN provided an edited version of his remarks and a misleading narrative about his views that damaged his reputation as a scholar. He’s seeking $300 million in damages, the Hollywood Reporter said Tuesday. CNN had argued it was protected by the fair report privilege, which shields the media from reporting about government proceedings,” the report continues.

U.S. District Court Raag Singhal wrote in his decision agreeing with Dershowitz “CNN presented an abridgment of Dershowitz’ answer to Senator Cruz'[s] question.”

He added “The abridgment is not accurate, to the extent that it omitted a crucial qualification: that an illegal motive for a quid pro quo would be corrupt. “As a result, the commentators’ statements – that Dershowitz believes a President can do anything, even commit crimes if it would help his re-election – are not based upon a fair and accurate summary of Dershowitz’ statement to the Senate.”