Judge Jeanine Argues the NY AG’s NRA Lawsuit is About Trying to Silence 2nd Amendment gun rights

In a blistering opening statement, Judge Jeanine blasted New York Attorney General Letitia James’ lawsuit against the NRA.

Judge Jeanine:

We’re in the middle of a pandemic, civil unrest, anarchy at our door, literal burning of churches and courthouses, anti-American hate, flag-hating, religious desecration, police defunding, departments burning, children murdered as they sit in their strollers and the top cop in New York wants to civilly sue and dissolve the NRA while there is an all-out assault on our democracy and way of life, at a time when gun sales are going through the roof, up 122% the last year because Americans are afraid the calvary won’t be there for them when trouble comes.

You want to do what? You want to dissolve the NRA, the one organization, the strongest organization that speaks for gun owners?

And I, too, was a keynote for that organization. It’s time to recognize that the attempt by the left-hating progressives to silence gun owners and take away their guns is of utmost importance to them.

And when you use a gun like the McCloskey’s did in St. Louis, they will prosecute you. Even Los Angeles DA Jackie Lacey’s husband has been charged by the California version of New York’s Letitia James, their AG Xavier Beccera, for taking a gun out when black lives matter rioters approached their home.

The next time a liberal leftist-loving progressive tells you you shouldn’t have a gun or you can’t use it to defend yourself or your property, tell them this: Tell them I don’t need your’ permission or your sanctimonious condemnation as why I should or shouldn’t have for having a gun.

I own guns because it’s my right. It’s my Second Amendment right. And neither you nor anyone in Washington gave me that right.

It’s a God-given natural right that’s confirmed by the people who founded this nation. And I don’t want to hear about your Trump-hating, leftist gun-hating, capitalism-hating nonsense. It’s time to go back to being unafraid, to go back to the Constitution and go back to the America our founding fathers would actually recognize.

You have 86 days to decide. Do you want to live in Joe Biden and Beto O’Rourke’s America, or President Donald Trump’s America, which enshrines and guarantees our right to own a gun and use it to defend yourself? Think hard. Your life may depend on it. And that’s my open.