Judge in Hunter Biden Paternity Case Mysteriously Recuses Himself

According to a court record filed Tuesday, Sixteenth Judicial Circuit Judge Don McSpadden has recused himself from a child custody lawsuit brought against Hunter Biden by Lunden Roberts. The reason for this move is not known and a mystery at this time.

Hunter Biden is being sued for child support by Roberts, a former DC stripper at a club Biden frequented. Hunter Biden is not contesting paternity.

Early December, Judge McSpadden had ordered both Biden and Roberts to release their financial records from the past five years as a part of the case. Hunter Biden claimed to be unemployed and without any monthly income since May of 2019.

Per the New York Post, Hunter owns a $2.5 million three bedroom, three bathroom house that sits at the end of a private gated drive. And it even has a pool. He purchased the house on June 19th, although how much he paid for it is currently unknown.

Arkansas Online reports the judge in Hunter Biden’s Arkansas paternity case has recused.

Independence County Circuit Judge Don McSpadden filed an order at 10:20 a.m. Tuesday saying he was recusing “pursuant to the Administrative Plan of the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit.”

A hearing in the case was scheduled for Tuesday. Attorneys for Lunden Alexis Roberts had urged the judge to find Biden in contempt of court at that hearing for not providing financial information for the past five years.

“One of the clearest indicators of a judge’s integrity is when he or she recuses from a case,” said Clinton Lancaster, one of Roberts’ attorneys. “It highlights the ethos and values that make the judiciary such a powerful, separate branch of government. Our client sincerely thanks Judge McSpadden for his time and attention to what has become a difficult and convoluted child support matter.”

Roberts filed the paternity suit in May, claiming that she and Hunter Biden were in a relationship that resulted in the birth of “Baby Doe” in August 2018.

Roberts, a graduate of Arkansas State University, has asked the court to establish that Biden is the child’s biological father and order him to pay child support and provide the baby’s health insurance.

On Nov. 20, Lancaster filed a motion with the court that DNA testing had established, “with scientific certainty,” that Hunter Biden was the baby’s father.

A separate motion filed with the clerk said Hunter Biden “is not contesting paternity.”

Biden’s attorney told the court last month that he is unemployed and has been without monthly income since May.