Judge dismisses GOP lawsuit to close Georgia ballot drop boxes after business hours

A Fulton County Judge has rejected a GOP lawsuit seeking to close Georgia ballot drop boxes after business hours.

Per AJC “Superior Court Judge Kimberly Esmond Adams’ ruling allows voters to continue using drop boxes 24 hours a day under video surveillance until polls close for the U.S. Senate runoffs Jan. 5. She rejected the case after an online court hearing.”

The Georgia GOP sought to prevent ballots from being received after business hours, typically no later than 5pm.

An attorney for the state GOP told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution “The eyes of the nation are on Georgia, closely watching this process.”

They added “this case is absolutely not about the expansion or dilution of voter rights. … This case and this motion is about ensuring that individual counties, 159 within the state of Georgia, do not themselves alter the election rules.”