“Judge Barrett is shutting down Kamala” Conservatives react to heated Harris/ACB Clash

Moments ago, Biden running mate Kamala Harris completed her questioning of Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

Barrett’s answers to Harris earned rave reviews from many conservatives.

Senator Marsha Blackburn tweeted “Judge Barrett is shutting down Kamala Harris.”

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnancy wrote “Watching Amy Coney Barrett completely shut down Democrat presidential nominee Kamala Harris is gratifying to watch less than one week after Vice President Mike Pence did the same!”

Gregg Jarrett wrote “I expected Whitehouse to be goofy, Hirono to be asinine, and Booker to reprise Spartacus. I did NOT expect Kamala Harris to stumble, fumble, and mumble her way thru a campaign script as Barrett dropkicked her with ease. Intelligence always annuls the folly of hubris & malice.”

Stephen Miller wrote “Why won’t Kamala Harris let Barrett speak?”

Sarah Huckabee Sanders wrote “Judge Barrett just showed us why she should be on the Supreme Court and Kamala Harris should NOT be second in line to the presidency.”

Andy McCarthy wrote “Amy’s been 10 hours without notes. Can’t Kamala get thru a few minutes without a script?”