Juan Williams claims “GOP extremism is poisoning the nation”

In a new Op-Ed for “The Hill” frequent Fox News contributor Juan Williams claims “GOP extremism is poisoning the nation.”

Williams writes:

The depth of the division can also be seen in recent Ipsos/Reuters polling that shows most Republicans continue to believe former President Trump is the “true president,” and 56 percent believe the 2020 election was stolen from him.

How can so many Republicans still believe the “Big Lie,” almost five months after President Biden was inaugurated following Congress certifying Biden’s national victory by 74 electoral college votes and more than seven million popular votes?

And why do 57 percent of Republicans think of Democrats, their fellow Americans, as their “enemies,” according to a February CBS/YouGov poll?

This extremism among Republicans is paralyzing Congress.

It can’t find the votes to better regulate guns. It can’t fix a broken immigration system.

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Williams recently announced he would no longer be a co-host of “The Five,” however he will continue as a Fox New contributor.