Juan Williams argues Tim Scott should switch parties to become a Democrat

In a new Op-Ed for “The Hill” Fox News regular Juan Williams pleads for Republican Senator Tim Scott to switch parties and become a Democrat.

“Tim Scott has to switch parties. Join the Democrats, senator,” Williams writes.

He then explains:

By crossing over, he will give the Democrats a 51-vote majority in the Senate. They will reward him with leverage over pending legislation, specifically the police reform bill he is now working on.

By staying with the Republicans, Scott is in danger of becoming the fall guy, the Black Republican who looked the other way as the party continued its poor record on Black voter suppression and police brutality.

Scott has power inside the Senate GOP caucus as its only Black member. He is “better positioned than a white Republican to push back on progressive race narratives,” in the words of William McGurn, a conservative writing in The Wall Street Journal.

One Twitter user replied:

Or maybe…just maybe…moderate democrats those that still exist should realize that the party doesn’t speak for them and become Republicans.

Here’s a real thought. Lead like most of America wants not be a pawn of the far left and far right.

Another wrote “Tim Scott is way to Smart for such a move Mr Juan.”