Joy Reid “This was a Black Lives don’t matter ruling because they said that her life was irrelevant”

MSNBC’s Joy Reid reacted to no officers being directly charged in the death of Breonna Taylor by saying “this was a Black lives don’t matter ruling.”

Reid argued the charges “entirely delete the murder” and “ignore the killing” of Breonna Taylor.

She continued “What this indictment says of just this one officer, leaving the other two officers completely innocent apparently. It means that if you live in the state of Kentucky, if you are ever associated in any way with somebody who was caught in the criminal justice system, even if they are no longer associated with you and no longer live in your home, police have the full right and are fully within the law to bust into your apartment while you’re asleep after midnight and start shooting and can kill you as long as they aim.”

“As long as they aim their weapon at you or at anyone in the apartment, they are within the law, according to this indictment, according to AG Daniel Cameron, police then have the full right to kill you because they’re investigation an association that has nothing to do with you committing a crime… they’re just saying that apartment is associated with someone who was associated with you, so sorry! If they bust in and they start licking off shots and you get killed, your death is irrelevant to the law in the state of Kentucky. Your death doesn’t matter. Your life doesn’t matter. This was a Black Lives Don’t Matter ruling because they said that her life was irrelevant, that the life of her boyfriend who was in the apartment with her didn’t matter, that he attempting to defend her was the crime, the potential crime was him trying to defend his castle. So the castle doctrine is wiped away when police bust into your home,” Reid added.