Joy Reid says Pence cemented Trump’s problem “with suburban women” by interrupting Harris repeatedly

Reacting to the debate between Vice President Pence and Senator Kamala Harris, MSNBC’s Joy Reid said  “I think the one thing it could do is cement Donald Trump’s biggest problem: his biggest problem is with women, with suburban women.”

She continued “and every woman whose ever been repeatedly interrupted in a meeting, whose ever not been allowed to not finish a sentence, whose had a man refuse to follow the rules and just blow past whatever the norms and whatever the guardrails are supposed to be when you attempt to do the same…just watched Mike Pence do a softer version of what Donald Trump did last week.”

“He repeatedly interrupted her, well he also repeatedly interrupted the other woman in the room, which is the moderator, who seemed to at some point lose control of him and he also continually demanded that Kamala Harris answer his questions. She wasn’t there to answer his questions,” Reid added.