Joy Reid says BLM doesn’t “Riot,” blames fires, assaults, shootings on right wing

Saturday, MSNBC “Reidout” host Joy Reid tweeted her view that “BLM doesn’t riot.” She also shared a Seattle report from June showing of 80 arrests made 32 were white and 8 were black.

Reid continued “They march against police violence.”

The MSNBC host then added “And note that those caught setting fires, assaulting and shooting people are consistently of the RIGHT, not the left.”

Reid then added “So let’s stop giving in to the narrative Trump and his allies are inventing to try and help him cling to power. Autocrats always eventually get to this place: accusing the opposition of being anarchic and violent to cover up their own rot and violence.”

She added “You are MUCH more at risk from unmasked Trump cultists coming home to your suburb from a superspreader rally and coughing or sneezing on you in Walmart or touching the door handle after wiping their nose than you are from a Black Lives Matter rally.”