Joy Reid accuses Mo Brooks of “old Dixiecrats” behavior, Clyburn says he should “be ashamed of himself”

During a recent segment on MSNBC, both host Joy Reid and House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn were highly critical of Republican Rep. Mo Brooks for discussing the possibility of challenging the electoral college vote.

“I want to ask about Mo Brooks and attempt,” Reid said “it feels to me like we are seeing the old Dixiecrats revived in the party. It feels like the old behavior. They are talking about holding a show vote to essentially try to negate the result of the election. Which they can’t do but make them get on the record.”

Clyburn replied “I think Mo Brooks is being what I consider to be a very non-patriotic person. The fact of the matter is he knows that Biden won by more than 7 million votes.”

He continued “He knows that he got the same number of votes in the Electoral College that his candidate got four years ago. What is this all about? This is just like you said, it’s about —I remember growing up they tell us I know we should ingrate the schools, but we’ll wait on the Feds to make us do it. This is the kind of thing that we thought we had behind us.”

“Mo Brooks ought to be ashamed of himself,” Clyburn added “We are trying to work to improve the country, to improve the state. That we represent, and this is not an improvement for the state of Alabama for him to take this on.”