WATCH: Joy Behar suggests Jim Jordan could be involved in the Jan 6th riot

During a recent segment on “The View” co-host Joy Behar suggested Rep. Jim Jordan could be personally involved in the January 6th U.S. Capitol riot.

After calling GOP House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy a “witness to the insurrection” and a “toadie to Trump,” Pelosi argued he should not have the power to appoint anyone to the January 6th committee.

“How is he, you know, capable to be trusted to handle this kind of a situation?” Behar asked. “He can’t be. He can have his own bogus investigation, if he wants. He can call that Qanon Shaman as his lead character witness.”

Behar then discussed the committee pick of Jim Jordan that Pelosi rejected, saying “He spoke to Trump in December on how to handle voter certification. So how do we know he wasn’t even involved in this? He could be investigating himself. He voted to overthrow the election. He voted to deny Biden the win. He is not eligible to be on this committee.”