Joy Behar admits Democrats “did poorly and worse than they should have…maybe because of messaging”

In a segment of “The View” where the hosts discussed Bill Maher’s assertion that Democrats did poorly in the election because of “woke culture” co-host Joy Behar had a different take than Maher, but admitted Democrats “did worse than they should have.”

“I don’t think Democrats did badly this year because of the woke culture,” Behar said “I really don’t. I think they did poorly and worse than they should have and let’s not forget the big enchilada is OUT, but they did poorly maybe because of the messaging.”

She continued “You know, the right wing loves to have a slogan that they can use against us, so they were saying “socialism, socialism” and people think “oh we’re gonna be like Venezuela or cuba,” they forget that socialism is social security, socialism is unemployment insurance, socialism is medicare and medicaid.”

“That’s socialism, ok? and they’re in the middle of it and none of them want to give it up. So i think that that’s really the truth of it,” she added.