Journalists are Reporting Trump Rally Attendance Lower than Expected

Mainstream media journalists are reporting that the attendance for the Trump rally in Tulsa is lower than expected.

Yamiche Alcidnor of PBS, who has had multiple contentious exchanges with President Trump herself, tweeted:

So far:
-Outdoor Trump campaign event where Pres Trump & VP Pence were to speak has been cancelled
-Overflow crowd has been moved into indoor arena
-Crowd inside arena is not full w/ empty upper levels
-Trump campaign sent out texts to supporters saying “There’s still space!”

Alcindor also tweeted a photo of the outdoor area and wrote “Definitely not the optics President Trump was looking for in Tulsa.”

CNN’s Abby Phillip tweeted:

This is what overflow looks like at the Trump rally in Tulsa right now. Pence is scheduled to speak out here in about 10 minutes. People still streaming in but not nearly the number the campaign said they were expecting.

Geoff Bennett of NBC added:

Both Trump and Pence have scrapped plans to speak at this outdoor “overflow” location.

The Independent reports Donald Trump and Mike Pence have scrapped plans to address an outdoor rally at the president’s campaign event in Tulsa, Oklahoma, following reports of low attendance and a thinner-than-expected crowd inside the arena.

The campaign was set to address an “overflow” crowd that has since dwindled. On Friday, campaign director Brad Parscale touted an outdoor stage that was being built for the president.

“This will be the 1st time that POTUS speaks to BOTH crowds in person – inside & outside,” he said on Twitter. “If you come to the rally and don’t get into the BOK Center before it’s full, you can still see the President in person!”

In a campaign statement, spokesperson Tim Murtaugh said “protesters interfered with supporters, even blocking access to metal detectors, which prevented people from entering the rally.”

“Radical protesters, coupled with a relentless onslaught from the media, attempted to frighten off the president’s supporters,” he claimed.

One woman who was peacefully protesting while sitting on the ground outside the arena was arrested, after the campaign asked the Tulsa Police Department to remove her from the area.

Tulsa officials had anticipated 100,000 people in its downtown for the rally. The BOK Centre has a capacity of roughly 19,000 people. Roughly 400,000 people live in Tulsa, and the state’s population is around 4 million people.

On 15 June, the president claimed that nearly 1 million had requested tickets to the rally.

Reports from outside and inside the rally in the hours before the president was set to appear, typically carnival-like events with crowds lined up for hours waiting to enter, show the area had yet to reach capacity.