Journalist Warns Dems on Impeachment “Should Have Learned Their Lesson with Bill Clinton”

During a recent interview, journalist Joe Concha discussed the calls from some Democrats, including Elizabeth Warren, to impeach President Trump, despite his having been vindicated by the Mueller report, which Concha likened to a “Hail Mary” attempt.

Pointing to former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment, Concha pointed out that his approval rating skyrocketed, noting that “Clinton was seen as a sympathetic figure,” while speculating that Democrats, at the behest of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, are cautious.

Concha said that Pelosi “knows the ramifications of the party that tries to carry [impeachment] out, and it will be seen basically by half of the American people as a limp attempt at a soft coup at removing a president.”

Additionally, Concha said Democrats “know they don’t have the votes for [impeachment] in the Senate,” and said proceedings would “all be for show, anyway.”