Joss Stone says she’d try to make a Taliban leader feel “loved” not “hated” if they met

Singer Joss Stone has sparked controversy over her remarks during her podcast “A Cuppa Happy” which included guest Nitin Sawhney.

Stone said she was treated nicely by militia during a trip to Libya for a charity event. According to stone, members of the militia were “so lovely” to her.

Stone asked “When you say that word, militia, what do we feel?”

She then answered “We feel, ‘They’re clearly murderous bastards’, that’s how we’ve been taught to feel when we hear that word. These people were so lovely and they were just trying to survive and they were trying to protect also.”

Stone then went further by explaining how she would behave if she met a leader of the Taliban.
Stone said “I’d say, ‘Nice to meet you, my name’s Joss, what’s yours.”
She continued “That’s how you should approach the world because you don’t know what’s happened, how they got to that position… Maybe that’s a bit of a crazy thought but it’s worked for me.”
Explaining her philosophy, Stone said “You want people to change obviously, but they’re not going to do that all the while they’re hated, they’re only going to do that when they become loved, I think… You can’t just go, ‘No’, and wag your finger at them, it’s not going to work.”
Several Twitter users were critical of Joss Stone’s view.
Ben Ferguson called Stone “Idiot of the day” for her remarks.
Another Twitter mockingly posted “Yeah girl you try that! Good luck”
Another wrote “Another example of naïveté as a result of liberal teachings.”