Jordan reveals top 3 investigations GOP plan after taking back House including Fuaci, Border, and DOJ handling of parents

Rep. Jim Jordan has laid out investigations Republicans may take after midterm elections if they take back the majority, as they are expected to.

Speaking to Lisa Boothe Jordan said “the top three are the DOJ, what they’re doing to parents. I mean, the idea that we had this whistleblower come forward and tell us that there was an email sent out and talked about this threat tagged designation is a label put on moms and dads and what’s happening there. So that’s priority number one.”

“Priority number two, and equally as important, is the chaos that is now our southern border and has been that way for a year ever since Biden took office. So we have to get control of that and we have to highlight how wrong … [Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro] Mayorkas is yet to come in front of the Judiciary Committee. That never happened,” he contineud.

“Secretary Mayorkas every year would come in front of the Judiciary Committee because we have primary jurisdiction over immigration law, and he’s yet to appear in front of our committee. He’ll go in front of the other committees, but we won’t come in front of ours, Jerry Nadler will never bring him in. So those are the two front and center,” Jordan added.

Jordan then continue by revealing “the third is one we’re just talking about. We will do a joint investigation with the Oversight Committee. And I would like to do it in conjunction with Sen. Paul and Sen. Johnson on the origins of this [COVID-19], Fauci, and all the other things,” he continued. “Think about this Lisa, everything that they lied to us about or misled us about. I mean, first of all, Joe Biden said he had a plan.”