Jonathan Karl says he thinks Liz Cheney is serious about a 2024 Presidential Run “She needs a platform to be able to make that case”

After his interview with Liz Cheney, ABC’s Jonathan Karl was asked by Martha Raddatz “Jon, is Liz Cheney really considering a run for president in 2024? ”

He replied “It sure sounds that way to me, Martha. I mean, first of all, she was joking a bit about her father, but her father is her most important political adviser, and she told me that he does want her to run.”

“Look, she believes that Donald Trump poses a threat not just to the Republican Party but to the country,” he added. “She needs a platform to be able to make that case. A run for president is such a platform.”

During the interview Karl asked Cheney  “Would your father like to see you run?” to which she replied “well, yeah, but he’s my dad, so he’s not objective.”