Jon Voight Warns “The President is in Much Danger” from the “Radical Left-Wing” in Emotional Video

Legendary actor Jon Voight posted an emotional video on Twitter warning he believes the “president is in much danger” from the radical left wing and their “filthy lies.”

Jon Voight:

Now listen here my fellow Americans of the USA. The president is in much danger from this radical left-wing group. I say radical because this group only has only filthy lies and distortions of the mighty truths that have been written.

The truth my friends, the truth that holds the greatest scripture that is the Declaration of Independence. We as a nation have gained this back with President Trump. And what does the left want to do? To knock down the nation of God’s glory…

We call upon our highest prayers and ask Jesus, Moses, and all saints to save the truth that has been taken down by these cruel individuals of the left and ask God to place his hands upon this nation of the United States of America and bless and protect the truth for our President Donald Trump, so he can continue his legacy as one of our greatest presidents,


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