John Legend to Add “It’s Your Body, And Your Choice” to PC Cover of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”

Anti-Trump singer John Legend will release a “politically correct” cover of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” but will add the new line “It’s your body, and your choice.”

Last December, Dean Martin’s daughter, Deana Martin, slammed critics of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” and said she will continue to perform the song despite recent backlash.

Some radio stations have banned the song from their airwaves because they believe the lyrics are sexist and manipulative.

DailyCaller reports Singer John Legend will release a rendition of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” this Christmas featuring the line, “It’s your body, and your choice.”

The musician spoke out about his upcoming Christmas releases in an interview with Vanity Fair, explaining that he has changed the lyrics in collaboration with actress and writer Natasha Rothwell and singer Kelly Clarkson. The publication reported that Legend’s new lyrics give the song a “newfound sensitivity” that “feels genuine, not performative.”

The song has come under fire for what Vanity Fair calls its “date rapey” aspects, with proponents of the #METOO movement saying that the song is sexist and manipulative and has no place in modern society. Some radio stations banned the song during the Christmas 2018 season.

Legend’s adapted lyrics seek to replace the criticized aspects of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” with a new message.

“What will my friends think…” Clarkson will sing, to which Legend will interject. “I think they should rejoice.” Clarkson will ask “…if I have one more drink?”

“It’s your body, and your choice,” Legend will respond.

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