John Legend Asks Followers if His Remake is a “Welcome Update” or “PC Culture Run Amok?”

Singer John Legend took to Twitter to ask his followers if his new version of “Baby Its Cold Outside” was a “welcome update” or “PC Culture run amok & destroying everything great in the history of music?”

Per ET, on Legend’s version, after Clarkson sings, “I really can’t stay,” Legend responds, “Baby, it’s cold outside,” dropping the “but” from the original lyrics. He goes on to call her a car, crooning, “It’s your body, and your choice,” and offers her his coat.

In contrast, the original lyrics, which were written by Frank Loesser, have the male suitor encouraging the woman to stay, offering another drink, and telling her, “Oh baby, don’t hold out.”

He then invited his Twitter followers to decide.

Some fans supported the new song.

I nominate “your body, your choice” for best lyrics 2019

Some others who responded to Legend were not as positive.

Love you all, but way too PC and totally not necessary to change the lyrics. People are beyond too sensitive today!

Please tell me this was tongue in cheek. If so, brilliant. If not, then unintentionally funny AND brilliant.

PC Run Amuck



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