John Kerry Recruits Over 60 Hollywood and Political Elites to Climate Coalition

Senator and former Presidential Candidate John Kerry has recruited over 60 political and Hollywood elites to be part of his new Climate activism coalition.

While the organization is billed as “bipartisan” it’s unclear if there are any supporters of President Trump involved.

Confirmed Members include:

Former President Bill Clinton
Former President Jimmy Carter
Former Governor John Kasich
Actor / Former Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger
Actor Leonardo DiCaprio
Actor Ashton Kutcher
Musician Sting

Per the NY Times, with a starting budget of $500,000, Mr. Kerry said, he and other coalition members intend to hold town meetings across the country starting in January.

Members will head to battleground states key to the 2020 election, but also to military bases where climate discussions are rare and to economically depressed areas that members say could benefit from clean energy jobs.

TheHill reports former Senator and Secretary of State John Kerry (D-Mass.) is launching a new bipartisan coalition of world leaders and celebrities to push for an active strategy against climate change on Sunday.

Dubbed “World War Zero,” the activist group’s goal is to unite “unlikely allies with one common mission: making the world respond to the climate crisis the same way we mobilized to win World War II,” according to its website.

Headlining the group are former presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, former governors Arnold Schwarzenegger and John KasichLeonardo DiCaprio, Sting and Ashton Kutcher, the New York Times reports.

In total, there are over 60 founding members in the coalition.

In an interview with the Times, Kerry said that the coalition will hold town hall meetings around the country beginning in January.

“We’re going to try to reach millions of people, Americans and people in other parts of the world, in order to mobilize an army of people who are going to demand action now on climate change sufficient to meet the challenge,” Kerry told the paper.

Following the coalition’s official launch Sunday, diplomats will gather in Madrid on Monday for global climate negotiations meant to strengthen the 2015 Paris Agreement.

President Trump is expected to withdraw the United States from the accords next year, which will make the U.S. the only country in the world not a part of the accords.