John Cusack says Trump is “an evil f–k and he grinds our faces in it every day”

In a new interview with “The Guardian,” actor John Cusack discusses being a political activist against Trump on social media and admits career struggles, saying “I haven’t really been hot for a long time.”

Per the Guardian “Cusack has been left exhausted by four years of a Trump presidency. The actor was online most of the day before, getting angry at news bulletins and tweeting strangers and friends – broadcasters, Edward Snowden, a librarian in North Carolina, a chocoholic in the UK – about the president’s latest outrages. “He’s an evil fuck,” Cusack growls, “and he grinds our faces in it every day.”

Explaining why he feel the need to speak out politically instead of staying apolitical, Cusack explains “when you see children being ripped away from their mothers’ arms and put into kennels. I’m sorry if you think someone speaking out against that is someone not staying in their lane.”

He added “But let’s agree that, if you can’t figure out that that’s fascism, then we don’t have anything more to say to each other, and I don’t have any respect for you, and we should probably not talk. I mean!”

Cusack, who was a strong supporter of Bernie Sanders admits he’s supporting Biden grudgingly as the only alternative to Trump which he equates to “fascism.”

The actor explains “not all anger is just sort of somebody stuck in some rut in a basement. If you can’t be outraged on behalf of other people, or express anger at injustice, maybe that is its own rut. Sure, I might go too far sometimes. But I really just want to get across the message: that we’re sleepwalking into an incredibly dark possible future.

He added “maybe being outspoken hurts your career … I’m just aware it helps me sleep better at night, knowing that I wasn’t passive during this time.”