Joe Lockhart says White House has “huge credibility gap” after news of Trump having COVID-19

Appearing on CNN, former Bill Clinton Press Secretary Joe Lockhart reacted to the news of President Trump and First Lady Melania having COVID-19.

Lockhart said “I heard it when I turned on “New Day” this morning at, you know, about 6:30 this morning. I had not been watching anything overnight.”

He continued “my gut reaction was this is really gut-check time at the White House particularly in their communications department. They have roughly six to eight hours to change the way they have done things, really come clean with the American public and put out the straight story in a way that they haven’t done before — acknowledge their mistakes because you know, again, you lie about the small things, then it means you’ll lie about the large things.”

Lockhart added “there’s a huge credibility gap and the only way to close that is to up-front to acknowledge what you have done wrong and clearly, they have known about this longer than the public knew about it and, you know, they did not come forward and this only broke because a reporter got it. They have to change that and they have a very short window.”