Joe Kennedy defeated by Ed Markey in Senate Primary Despite Endorsements from Pelosi, Beto

Joe Kennedy’s bid for the Senate has fallen short despite endorsements for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Beto O’Rourke.

He has been defeated in the Democrat primary by incumbent Ed Markey, who played a major role in working with AOC on the “Green New Deal.”

Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report called the race with Markey having an insurmountable lead.

Joe Kennedy is now the first Kennedy to lose a Massachusetts primary or race in the state’s history.

Ellen Barry writes “Kennedy’s team wasn’t reckless — polls were telling them he could win. But they did not anticipate what an A.O.C. endorsement meant, what the Sunrise Movement meant.”

Jen Perelman wrote “The biggest loser tonight is not Joe Kennedy. It’s Pelosi.”

Cenk Uygyr of the Young Turks reacted to the Ed Markey win.

“Down goes Joe Kennedy! Down goes Joe Kennedy! Down goes Joe Kennedy!”

“Go raise another 5 million bucks and see how that works out for you.”

AOC tweeted earlier in the day “It’s not your age that counts – it’s the age of your ideas.” and sharedd photos of her together with Markey.

Beto had written “I’ve known Joe Kennedy as a friend, as a colleague in Congress and as a champion for the values we’re most proud of as Democrats. But it’s the times I’ve seen him in Texas that have made the biggest impression on me, and why I proudly endorse him for U.S. Senate. 1/5”