Joe Biden says his children won’t “have offices in the White House”

CBS News reports in a “60 Minutes” interview with Norah O’Donnell, former Vice President and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden said it’s “improper” to have the president’s children sitting in on cabinet meetings.

“Do you believe President Trump’s children have acted properly and avoided conflicts of interest?” O’Donnell asked.

“Look, I  wasn’t raised to go after the children. Their actions speak for themselves. I can just tell you this, that if I’m president, get elected president, my children are not gonna have offices in the White House. My children are not gonna sit in on cabinet meetings,” Biden said.

“What’s improper about that?” O’Donnell asked.

“It’s just simply improper because you should make it clear to the American public that everything you’re doing is for them. For them. And the idea that you’re gonna have– go to the extent that he has gone to have our, you know– his– his children, his son-in-law, et cetera, engaged in the day-to-day operation of things they know nothing about,” Biden said.

“You don’t think that Jared Kushner should be negotiating a Middle East peace solution?” O’Donnell asked.

“No I don’t,” Biden said. “What credentials does he bring to that?”

Biden also spoke about his own son Hunter’s business dealings in Ukraine. He insists Hunter did nothing wrong.

Appearing on a rare interview with ABC News in mid October, Hunter Biden defended the ethics of his foreign ventures but also admitted “poor judgement” on his part.


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