Joe Biden Falsely Claims He Can Add 720 MILLION Women to the U.S. Workforce

Former VP and 2020 DNC frontrunner proved once again why he got his “gaffe machine” reputation.

Biden claimed that adding tax credits could put 720 million women back in to the U.S workforce.

As many social media users pointed out, this is impossible since that is more than double the number of people – both men AND women in the United States.

Newt Gingrich wrote:

Joe Biden for President of China! That is the hidden, freudian meaning behind his claim that his policies would help 720 million women. Clearly impossible in an America with less than half that total number of people.But in China Biden might be able to impact 720 million women.

DailyCaller reports former Vice President Joe Biden says that he can add 720 million women to the workforce.

The 2020 presidential candidate proposed adding $8,000 tax credits for everyone who has child care costs, saying that this move would put 720 million women back into the United States workforce.

There are only about 330 million people in the United States, however.

Biden has taken heat for numerous gaffes throughout his 2020 presidential campaign. The former vice president continues to mention segregationist friends he worked with in the Senate, and merged several war stories into one falsified story that he emotionally told to an assembled audience in August, saying, “This is the God’s truth. My word as a Biden.”

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