Joe Biden Blasted After Tweeting “Republicans Have Savaged My Only Surviving Son”

Conservatives blasted back at 2020 candidate Joe Biden who claimed in an emotional tweet that “Republicans have savaged my only surviving son.”

Republicans have savaged my only surviving son. They’ve spread lies about me that networks won’t even carry. It doesn’t matter if they go after me.

As President of the United States, I have to be able to not only fight — I have to heal. And that’s what I’ll do if I’m elected.

Many on Twitter rejected Biden’s narrative that Hunter Biden is a victim and argued that his problems came from his own bad decision-making.

Hunter Biden is currently involved in a paternity case with an ex-DC stripper who he initially denied fathering a child with.

He apparently had this affair while supposedly being a couple with his brother’s widow.

Hunter Biden has also been kicked out of the Navy reserve for failing a drug test.

Harry Cardillo fired back at Joe Biden and wrote “I think the drugs and stripper parties probably savaged him more than Republicans.

Joe Biden, your son savaged his own reputation!
BTW, Where’s Hunter?

The left, you included, has savaged the President, his family and everyone associated with him since he announced his plan to run for office, if not before.

As Michelle said if you can’t take care of your own house, how can you take care of the WH.

ok but where’s Hunter?

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