Joe Arpaio in Neck and Neck Primary Contest for Maricopa County Sheriff

Joe Arpaio is in a neck and neck contest in the Republican Primary for Maricopa County Sheriff.

At this moment, Arpaio has 121,578 votes compared to 122,094 for Jerry Sheridan.

Per St. Louis Post Dispatch, Joe Arpaio is trying to win back the sheriff’s post in metro Phoenix that he held for 24 years, facing his former second-in-command in the Aug. 4 Republican primary in what has become his second comeback bid.

The 88-year-old lawman, who was unseated in the 2016 sheriff’s race by a Democratic challenger and was trounced in a 2018 U.S. Senate race, has based much of his campaign around his support for President Donald Trump.

He has vowed to bring back things that the courts have either deemed illegal or his successor has done away with — immigration crackdowns, a complex of jail tents and other now-discarded trademarks.

“I’m telling you right now: I am going to do 90% of what I did during my 24 years,” Arpaio said. “That’s the way it’s going to be.”

Arpaio and his former second-in-command, Jerry Sheridan, are considered front-runners in GOP primary. Glendale Officer Mike Crawford and Mesa security guard Lehland Burton also are seeking the Republican nomination.

The winner will go to face Democrat Paul Penzone, who crushed Arpaio in 2016 and is running unopposed in his primary.

Arpaio and Sheridan were forced out of the agency amid heavy criticism for being found in civil contempt of court for disobeying a judge’s order 2011 to stop Arpaio’s traffic patrols that targeted immigrants.

Arpaio said he’s out to prove his 2016 defeat was a fluke. But he has far less campaign money than he used to have and acknowledges some voters don’t even know he’s on the ballot this year.