Joaquin Castro Calls Laura Ingraham “A White Supremacist” in Twitter Feud

The brother of 2020 Presidential candidate Julian Castro resorted to calling Fox News personality Laura Ingraham a “white supremacist” during a twitter feud that was not even about race.

Ingraham pointed out that the facilities Castro was complaining about a the border station were similar to Army facilities she saw in Iraq and used herself.

From Politico

Castro on Monday tweeted out a 10-second clip of a dingy shower at the center, which Ingraham re-postedWednesday and described as “similar to Army facilities in Iraq I saw (and used) visiting Camp Victory & Balad.”

Ingraham also charged that “@JoaquinCastrotx needs to spend more time overseas w/ our troops bef[ore] he calls this inhumane.”

Castro responded three hours later, writing online: “You’re a white supremacist, Laura.”

He added: “And, no, I don’t think refugees should be kept in war-zone conditions in the most prosperous nation on earth.”