BREAKING: Jim Jordan suggests January 6 committee should investigate Pelosi

CNN reported Tuesday, that Rep. Jim Jordan who was selected by GOP House Minority Leader McCarthy to serve on the January 6th committee, suggested the committee should investigate Pelosi.

Manu Raju of CNN also tweeted:

Jim Jordan, who was selected by McCarthy to serve on the Jan. 6 select committee, told me he’s willing to testify before panel about his conversations with Trump. “If they call me, I got nothing to hide.”

Jordan also suggested that Speaker Pelosi’s actions are of interest to him.

“There’s one question that needs to be answered, and that’s why wasn’t there proper security presence that day. And that’s a question only the speaker can answer.”


Raju also wrote ‘Pelosi told me she’s “considering” Kevin McCarthy’s “proposals” to serve on Jan. 6 committee. But she said how people voted on Jan. 6 on whether to certify the results is “not a criterion for service.” She wouldn’t say what she is weighing or say when she should make a decision.’