BREAKING: Jim Jordan Says If GOP Flips the House “Kevin is going to be the Speaker”

Rep. Jim Jordan voiced his support for one time rival Kevin McCarthy, saying that if Democrats take back the house he supports McCarthy as GOP leader.

“I think everyone understands that if we take [the House] back, Kevin is going to be the Speaker. The president’s been clear about that,” Jordan told The Hill Thursday.

Jim Jordan once ran for GOP leader himself, losing in a 159-43 vote.

Both Jordan and McCarthy have emerged as powerful allies to President Trump.

Jordan, currently the ranking member of the House Oversight and Reform Committee is making it clear he’d like to jump to the top GOP spot on the House Judiciary Committee.

“I would love that opportunity” Jordan acknowledged “but that’s up to the leader and the steering committee.”

TheHill reports Jordan’s support marks how far McCarthy has come in converting a once vocal critic into a loyal supporter.

Jordan, who maintains strong influence in the conservative Republican group, previously ran against McCarthy for the role of minority leader after the 2018 midterms, losing the race with a 159-43 vote.

The conservative caucus, which has been a thorn in the side of GOP leader in the past, really showed its might in 2015 after the group forced then-Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) to resign and blocked McCarthy from taking over his role.

But now, Jordan is indicating that the Freedom Caucus will support McCarthy.

“When you take back the majority, the person who’s in charge of the team taking it back, I think that the team comes together,” Jordan said Thursday, asked if the Freedom Caucus would also support McCarthy.

“Kevin’s done a good job of keeping the team together and this entire impeachment process so I think everyone appreciates him,” he added.