Jim Jordan fires back at Stelter ‘First they called us “deplorables.” Now, they’re comparing us to ISIS’

Monday, Rep. Jim Jordan fired back at CNN’s Brian Stelter.

Jordan tweeted “First they called us “deplorables.” Now, they’re comparing us to ISIS.”

“This is what today’s Left really thinks about us,” he added.

This is the Brian Stelter segment Jordan was referring to.

In his rant, Stelter said “first, the best word for what is happening in America right now is radicalization. That’s what it is. That’s what this hyped-up, right-wing media machine is doing. That’s why it feels harder to talk about politics with other people.”

“When Trump lifers are calling for troops in the streets because they lost an election, that’s radicalization,” he continued “When they start speculating about breaking off and creating their own country, that is radicalization. All of this election denialism talk is radical. And yet, it is infesting the airwaves. It’s everywhere in the pro-Trump media.”

Stelter then compares the “radicalization” of Trump supporters to members of ISIS.