Jim Cramer apologizes to Pelosi for calling her “Crazy Nancy” Trump Reacts “No pandering!”

CNBC Host Jim Cramer issued an on-air apology to House Speaker Pelosi for calling her “Crazy Nancy to her face.

“Today when I talked to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Squawk on the Street, I made a very stupid comment.” Cramer said “It was a tongue in cheek attempt to make a point about the harsh tone about the negotiations in Washington but it fell completely flat and I apologize for that.”

“As I said immediately after the comment, I have incredible respect for the Speaker and the office she holds,” Cramer added.

Wednesday morning, President Trump responded to a video Cramer’s apology.

He wrote “Jim, you didn’t make a mistake. It’s true, and that’s why you said it. No pandering!”

Cramer had faced a lot of criticism from Democrats over his remark.

Actress Bette Midler wrote “Jim Cramer called Nancy Pelosi “Crazy Nancy” to her face on his show, then said he was just imitating Trump. Nancy should punch him in the teeth and say she was just imitating Rand Paul’s neighbor.”

One Twitter user wrote “I have long argued that CNBC is as corrosive to our society as Fox, and here is Jim Cramer calling the Speaker of the House “Crazy Nancy” to her face. Cramer should be suspended and CNBC owes her an apology.”