Jim Carrey unveils new artwork portraying Biden as a heroic, hard working “real president of the entire nation”

Sunday, actor and artist Jim Carrey unveiled a new drawing portraying President Joe Biden as a hard working “real president for the entire nation.”

The artwork includes the text “BEHOLD! Joseph R. Biden a real President working for the benefit of the entire nation and not just to enrich himself by manipulating angry gullible anarchists.”

Carrey makes sure the first letters of “manipulating angry gullible anarchists” are emphasized to spell “MAGA” in a dig to Trump supporters.

One Twitter user replied “I love you @JimCarrey, but Biden does not deserve your praise. He is better than Trump, but not by very much.”

Another wrote “Thanks. That really made me laugh. And “unfollow”. Peace out.”

Jim Carrey’s last drawing of former First Lady Melania Trump was not nearly as flattering.

In his portrait he writes “Oh…and goodbye worst first lady. I hope the settlement can finance your life in the shallow end.”

“Thx for nothing,” he adds.