Jim Carrey Shares New Grotesque “Art” He Made of GOP Governor Being Aborted

In one of his signature angry “art pieces” liberal actor and activist Jim Carrey shares one of his latest paintings that shows Alabama governor Kay Ivey being “aborted.”

Carey wrote in his tweet.

I think If you’re going to terminate a pregnancy, it should be done sometime before the fetus becomes Governor of Alabama.

The image itself shows something Ivey being impaled and bloodied and is quite grotesque.

Many on Twitter were not impressed.

Jared Lyda writes “Abortion is murder @JimCarrey , you’ve painted it, and therefore acknowledged it yourself. You’re too logically consistent and compassionate and justice-oriented to be pro-murder (abortion). Choose Life Jim!”

Obianuju Ekeocha writes “At least you seem to know how grisly an abortion is. Your image is accurate down to the abortionist’s cannula suctioning out the brain matter of the fetus, sort of like a serial killer at work. Bravo Jim Carry, you do know what an abortion looks like. Bravo!”