Jim Carrey faces backlash after unveiling portrait mocking Melania

Jim Carrey is facing backlash on Twitter after unveiling a mocking portrait he drew of former First Lady Melania Trump.

In his portrait he writes “Oh…and goodbye worst first lady. I hope the settlement can finance your life in the shallow end.”

“Thx for nothing,” he adds.

Elsa Tremblay fired back and wrote “Wow, that’s low. I really liked you and I thought you were inspiring.”

Carol Howard wrote “Absolutely appalling to attack the first lady who did her job with grace and dignity and got nothing but criticism from everyone on the left. And it’s shameful that not one woman from the left defended another woman for these baseless attacks.”

Alex Vines wrote “I always thought you were cool. Now you’re too vindictive with pics like this. Why do the left target people with such venom in the exact way they preach against when the demonising others for doing it? This would be found sexist and anti female etc. Such hypocrisy!”

Another Twitter user wrote “Let it go Jim, you got your goal now. Can you focus on something more positive?”