Jill Biden touts Joe giving people his personal phone number and talking to them for hours

Moments ago, Jill Biden concluded her DNC appearance headlining day 2.

During her appearance Biden touted her husband’s willingness to “give his personal number” and talk to them for hours.

Jill Biden:

There are times when I couldn’t even imagine how he did it. How he put one foot in front of the other and kept going.

But i’ve always understood why he did it.

For the daughter who finally convinced her Mom to get a breast cancer screening and misses work to drive her to the clinic.

For the community college student who has faced homelessness and abuse but finds the grit to finish her degree and make a good life for her kids.

For the little boy whose mom is serving as a marine in Iraq. Who puts on a brave face in his video call and doesn’t complain when the only thing he wants for his birthday is to be with her.

For all those people Joe gives his personal phone number to at rope lines and events. The ones he talks to for hours after dinner. Helping them smile through their loss. Letting them know that they aren’t alone.